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Whole Child Development Program

The Whole Child Development Program focuses on growing all areas of a child's development using the medium of play. These areas include cognitive, social, emotional, language, and physical development, among others. By using this approach, all areas can be targeted and enhanced everyday at home. In our Virtual Learning Program parents are guided on how to facilitate this type of development and what to look out for during the day. 

Learning Through Play

Children naturally play! As research has proven, the best learning happens while our children experiment and stretch their creative thinking skills while actively interacting with their world through playing. The Little Camelot Virtual Learning Program is written with this mindset as our foundation. We aim to keep our children away from their screens as much as possible and rather encourage them to connect with their environment. By doing this they learn to explore, think, try, build resilience and so much more. 

Weekly Activity Programme

You will receive a weekly activity program that is easy to facilitate and can be completed by your child at any point throughout the day. The activity program comprises of four daily activities (20 Activities per week) that develop various areas of your child. These activities incorporate items found within the house, as well as material sent to you at the beginning of the month (eg. glitter, pipe cleaners and so on). And the best part . . . NO PRINTING! These activities embed essential developmental skills with true fun and sometimes a bit of messy play. 

You will receive an easy summary of the month's activities, along with a detailed section that tells you what materials are needed and how to facilitate each activity for the day. 

Materials Sent to You

Once a month you will receive the materials you will need for your child to complete the 20 activities per week set out in the program. These materials include the odds and ends that build creative thought, develop sensory processing and encourage play-based learning. Some examples include: cotton wool, paper plates, crinkle paper, coloured cardboard, toilet rolls and so on.  

Weekly Developmental Information

As parents we can all do with helpful and practical guidance when it comes to our children's learning and development. We provide you with weekly tutorials to help you navigate these amazing moments with your child. Take a moment once a week for a parent and care-giver focused session, as we coach you to look out for areas to focus on and pinpoint areas of concern as your child grows. 

On-Demand Support

Struggling to navigate through the content or have a program-related question? Need advice on how to stimulate your child further? Contact our helpful staff to guide you. By building a relationship with your family, we can assist you as you assist your child through the day. 

Add-On Service - Toy Library

Separate to our pragramme options we offer a Toy Library service to anyone needing to make use of rotational resources while at home with their child (PRETORIA ONLY). Selections are made online and can be collected at various points around the city. As always our month to month cancellation policy applies. 

20 Activities a Week Sent to You

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